What Maddie’s Wearing – Kapas Baby

Maddie was fortunate enough to receive the most beautiful delivery from Kapas Baby & Toddler, an exclusive award winning online shop selling local and imported brands and products from nappy bags, baby clothing and accessories, blankets and soothers to toys.

Inside this beautifully packaged parcel, were three gorgeous items from their Summer collection that you wouldn’t find anywhere! Aside from the playful hot air balloon print, the quality is phenomenal! Living up to its name (Kapas is the hindi word for cotton) the fabric is properly one of the best qualities I have felt in a long time! Perfect for a new born baby!

The ‘Hot Air Balloon’ print is Kapas Baby & Toddler’s our very own and unique fabric which was knitted and printed in Durban and fills a large theme throughout their stunning Summer collection.

Maddie was given the most beautiful little dribble bib which I found to not only look amazing – this can easily be made apart of an outfit – (a plain white baby grow with this bib looks amazing) but it is super practical because of the large area of coverage on baby’s chest plus the pointed corner at the end allows for easy wiping of baby’s chin and mouth. Also in the package was a cute beanie and the most gorgeous swaddle blanket which my husband loves as it is nice and large – allowing even a man to swaddle baby perfectly!

Looking at their Summer collection, there are some amazing products! From the cutest matching babygrows, rompers to baby tutus… this is a gorgeous collection that I cannot wait to get more of for my darling Maddie!

Check them out at www.kapas.co.za

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