What Maddie Loves – Lafede

If you are a mommy and an active Instagrammer, chances are you would have come across, La Fede. Conceptualised and handcrafted by a self confessed ‘Momtrepreneur’ Chantelle who faithfully take a leap into starting her own business after leaving the corporate world just under two years ago. It was Matthew 14:28; “Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” that inspired her leap of Faith and rightfully called the business La Fede meaning ‘by faith’ in Italian.

With God’s word and promise Chantelle invested the very last of her capital available and bought her first sewing machine. She then received a crash course on her little straight stitch machine, the rest is history…

Today La Fede mimics the quirky and whimsical imagination of the young. From the sea, wold and the woods these amazing animal character friends are hard not to love! The best part of each character is each of them come with a story, a personality and an individual viewpoint while others aim to teach children about the harsh reality of extinction and conservation.

Their ‘softies’ are complimented by a quirky, stylish wooden range of animal and elements inspired money boxes that are not only functional and decorative but educational and they inspire imaginative play with kids.

I have a feeling Maddie’s La Fede friends are going be a hit!

A few of our favourite La Fede items:

The crochet crown 

Belinda – The Panda

The bunny money box 

La Fede camera 


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