What Maddie Loves – BabeBee part 1

You often hear the older folk telling you ‘we didn’t have that back in the day’ to pretty much everything we have available these days for our babies… I personally always roll my eyes – until I came across Babe Bee…

Owner and creator Bridgitte, has created a range of must-have infant products and accessories that are creative, fun and downright ingenious! In short – she is a genuis and really understands the smallest of needs of babies and moms… things that even us as moms don’t think of – she has created a product to make it easier!

I had the chance to choose a couple of my favourite goodies off her website – there were so many that I decided to do two blog posts on the products we love off their website. And to be completely honest – all the goodies you are either going to wish you had from the day one, never even knew you needed it or simply can’t live without!

So here are a couple products making up part one:

Dummy finder

How many nights have you spent looking (in the dark) for that clear little dummy that has fallen out of your little one’s mouth? Patting their duvet and blankets only to wake them up further! We wish they would easily find their own dummies and stick them back in their mouths at night to return to sleep without fully waking.


Introducing the Dummy Finder…this has helped kept Maddie’s dummy from getting lost inside her cot and stopping it from rolling and falling out the cot. And I am pretty sure she will soon learn and gets used to finding her dummy with this nifty finder!

They are super cute too – 3 fun shapes – Grey Clouds, Blue Cars and Pink Hearts – best part… they are only R60!

Dummi clipz

Every mother will know that a dummy clip is a fun practical way of keeping babies dummy close and in reach at all times and keeping dummies from hitting the floor and getting dirty. What I adore about BabeBee’s Dummi Clips is they come in the most beautiful prints and patterns and they have fun colour plastic snaps which allow you to easily snap dummy on to the clip. They are nickel free clips so they don’t rust plus they even have personalised dummy straps to embroid your baby’s name too – so sweet!

The No Drop Strap


The No Drop Strap is THEE most practical and useful baby and kiddie accessory ever! It has changed my life! Helping to keep Maddie’s bottle, toy, blanket – just about anything close to her by simply strapping an item around the strap and clipping the other end to her clothes, seat or pram straps and I’m good to go… Preventing those dreaded drops on the floor. The No Drop Strap helps keep Maddie’s belongings close so to her reach.


Babies Life Onesies 

If there is three things I want to constantly do to Maddie is; love her, hug her and kiss her her! When I saw these adorable onesies I had to have them! Maddie sends a lot of time in plain white onesies and I often wish that they would have that something special to them to dress them up – well these are perfect for just that!

Pretty Kitty Beeni 

Not only is it soft and cuddly but it is super cute! One thing I love about Winter is cute beanies! Made from polar fleece beanie has kept little Maddie as warm as can be this Winter – and she has looked darn stylish while doing so!

Fluffy Legs Leg Warmers


BabeBee has bought leg warmers back for babies! Fluffy legs are soft stretchy and make nappy changes quick and easy – keeping Maddie’s legs warm without all the effort of pulling tights up and down over a nappy. I keep them in Maddie’s nappy bag to slip on with a pair of shorts when the day got cooler or even over a pair of leggings for extra warmth.

Taggy blanket

Maddie loves self soothing with her ‘dudu’ and Babe Bee’s taggy blankets are the softest and cuddliest security taggies out there! The one side is a soft velvety flannel and the other side is soft plush fleece with smooth satin taglets which provide the right soothing touch experience for when Maddies is falling asleep or needs some comfort. Maddie will touch and rub the taglet against her hands or face and self-sooth before falling asleep all on her own 🙂
The Babe Bee taggy blanket also has a ribbon clip which I can clip Maddie’s dummy onto the blankie so its always easy to find when she wants it.


Summer blankets 

This is a product that I am most excited about for Summer. These lightweight and breathable soft cotton and muslin swaddle blankets are perfect for hot Summer nights. They absorb moisture keeping Maddie cool and can even double as a breastfeeding cover as it is so light and soft! The best part is the stunning colours they are available in; stone, blue, navy, coral, pink, white or yellow!


Purchase info: 

Until next time… I cannot wait to share some more revolutionary baby goodies from BabeBee with you soon! Xx

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