Monrobe Mommy Must Haves – Lucky Baby’s Baby Dam & KneePal

I cannot tell you how much these two bath time ESSENTIALS have changed my husband and my life! I seriously wished I had A) known about these two products before I had Maddie and B) HAD purchased these products before I had her!

As if actually growing and carrying your baby for nine months isn’t hard enough on your back – recovering post birth and handling a demanding baby and then toddler and then still having to bend over a bath at night to bath them is HARD!

Luckily my husband is super hands on so from the word GO he was the one bathing Maddie every night! It is their special bonding time. BUT… a couple of weeks ago my husband had to go away for a week on business and I had to bath Maddie with my serious back injury killed my back!

I don’t think parents realise what bending over a bath every night does to your back and kneeling on your knees is tough too. I end up shifting between kneeling and standing over the bath bending to kind of shift the pain.

So the amazing Laurette at Lucky Baby came to our rescue and shipped not one but two AMAZING bath time goodies to us and I am so excited to be sharing them with you!

There is a reason they call it the ‘knee saver’! This amazing little (not so little) gadget has been ergonomically designed to cushion your knees and support your back while kneeling in any situation – this being bath time (YAY), gardening or DIY activities. Best part is it has been locally produced and is waterproof! There is nothing worse than having to kneel on cold hard tiles or wet towels. As much as bath time is a potentially great bonding time, any parent knows how agonising and uncomfortable bath time can be! Not only is this nifty kneeling pad  save your knees from discomfort, it allows for lots of eye contact and play, making bath time more pleasurable for both mom or dad and your precious babe. Simply put – A WINNER!

This innovative bath barrier has been designed to specifically decreases the size of your family sized bath into your baby’s bath while creating a smaller, safer area but still providing lots of room for fun and enjoyment while helping conserve water and electricity costs!

In the current water shortage situation our country is facing along with the rising energy costs, the Baby Dam is such a great water saver! Along with saving heat, time and money – this is an essential that will quickly pay for itself over and over again while lasting for every baby you have due to its exceptional quality!

Before installing our Baby Dam from Lucky Baby we used to spend a good few minutes filling up the entire base of the bath for your Maddie, now our BabyDam enables us to create a baby bath in our rather large family bath filled with less than half as much water and is ready for in moments!

The BabyDam can be placed at any point in the bath to create the required useable bathing space which means as Maddie gets older and bigger we can move the wall create a larger area of water.


Designed to fit in any standard straight sided bath, the Baby Dam is super easy to fit! All you need to do is soak the suction pads thoroughly to stick to the bath and push down firmly to seal around the rubber edging to ensure a watertight seal. Super easy to install and super easy to remove without it being easy enough for Maddie to remove herself.

It is a great feeling knowing that we are saving water and money on our water and electricity bill each month from this once off R550 purchase.

Purchase info: 
Baby Dam – click here!
Kneepal – click here!
Both available from Our Lucky Baby – view their website here!


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