What Maddie Loves – Sprout Sleepy Sacks

I have tried a couple of sleepy sacks since Maddie’s birth from all over the show but have never quite been happy or convinced that they work for her. They are either too thin, twist around Maddie’s body, hard to get on and hard to keep on!

I came across Sprout, a kiddies fashion label offering an adorable, yet functional, range of kids apparel and sleepy sacks online and was really keen to give their version of the sleepy sack a try.

But first a little introduction on the brand…

The range is produced here in Durban by a husband and wife team, Luke and Sarah after the arrival of their daughter last year (a month older than Maddie). It is evident that they have used their own personal experience with their daughter to produce products that parents need such as the sleepy sack and beautiful clothes that any parent would love hanging up in their child’s closet!

Think beautiful prints on soft cotton fabrics, their products are all made locally in local mills made with cotton grown from South African soil. Although it isn’t the cheapest way to make clothing, the couple believe in producing quality goods and spending hard earned cash locally to keeps people in jobs, food on tables, and transforming harebrained dreams into realities.

True to their value in originality, Sprout does not mass produce. All their items are produced in small quantities to maintain the integrity and exclusivity of the brand. Imagine my excitement when my gorgeous new sleepy sack arrived at my door…

There is a reason sleepy sacks are recommended by the American Academy of Paediatrics as a safer alternative to traditional blanking. They are not only a great comfort to babies and toddlers alike but they are safer to use than your duvets and blankets. Sleeping sacks replace blankets and duvets keeping your baby safe and at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The warms and coziness will encourage your baby to go back to sleep if waking up in the middle of the night.


Here are four reasons Sprout’s sleepy sack will give you and your family a better nights sleep: 

Babies and toddlers love routine! After bath time when Maddie is all warmly dressed up for bed I zip her into her sleepy sack and feed her. She associates her sleepy sack with bedtime, cuddles and her feed.

One of the reasons I love the Sprout’s sleepy sack is the front zip. It is easy to put on and hard for little Maddie Moo to zip off in the middle of the night. Using traditional blankets or duvets allow your little one (if he or she is anything like Maddie) to toss and turn or kick off blankets during the night with all the wriggling. The sleepy sack keeps your babe as snug as a bug helping them feel secure in their little space.

Studies have shown that using a sleeping sack reduces an infants risk of SIDS. Babies and Toddlers have enough freedom to move around in their Sprout sleepy Sack without getting tangled up and possibly suffer suffocation.

The Sprout Sleepy sacks come in three different sizes; 0-6m, 6-18m and 18-36m. They are truly an investment piece that will literally be used every night for a good six to 18 months. It really isn’t something they quickly grow out of. The quality is amazing too – it is truly made to last. It is machine washable too!


Maddie has the Winter sleepy sack rated at 2.0 tog (suitable for temperatures in the range 15 degrees to 22 degrees celsius) in the beautiful print ‘Just peachy’. It is beautifully made, super luxurious and really keeps Maddie warm and snug on these cold Winter nights we have been experiencing. Sprout have stunning Summer sleepy sacks available too.

I genuinely love Maddie’s sleepy sack and have seen a massive change in her wiggling throughout the night and it has truly put my mind at ease that she is warm and comfortable this Winter. It is truly a product that every parent should invest in!


Sleepyhead grand pod and Cloudy the Owl by LaFede


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