Monrobe Maternity – Tummy Rub Butter

Luckily for a lot of women those dreaded ‘road maps’ as I like to call them are not a problem during pregnancy but for others, and I unfortunately fall into the latter, get them (BADLY)…

Roughly 20 weeks in I thought ‘WOW I am lucky – not one mark…’ Boy was I wrong… I guess they are just the right of passage – after all your tummy is ballooning to fit an ENTIRE 3.5KG human inside so a stretch mark… or two is a given to accommodate the miracle growing inside you!

I luckily enough was told about this amazing product from Mama Mio – the ‘pregnancy experts’ in skin care who have developed a product especially for the growing mom’s belly! FINALLY!

The Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter is an amazing little tub of a luxurious butter like substance that helps educe the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. It is loaded with organic oils, including avocado, rosehip, argan and sweet almond to contribute towards increasing elasticity and helping your skin stretch correctly without causing stretch marks. Not only does it feel amazing on your skin – kind of like a shield of yummy smelling citrus scent, the butter has nourishing shea butter which replenishes moisture, leaving your belly feeling super soft. Unlike other oils or creams on the market, it is soothing and quick absorbing for long-lasting comfort not leaving your feeling wet or staining your shirt.

Having just finished my first 120g tub – I have noticed a massive difference in the appearance of my stretch marks – they are definitely lighter and have faded a lot! I am onto my second tub! I just wonder what this amazing product would have done for me if I had used it as a preventative method at the beginning of my pregnancy and not midway through! Highly recommended!

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