My Little Picasso

Last week we were invited by Cornubia Mall in Mount Edgecombe to partake in a fun morning of activities at one of their retailers partaking in their fun festive season playground pass.

If you haven’t already popped to the centre since it opened – do yourself a favour and set a day aside to spend with the family. The mall offers a good selection of food, fashion, lifestyle and sports attractions, integrated into an outdoor shopping experience! Brett and I are huge fans of the centre. It is down the road from where we live, we do your weekly shop at the centre, we love having breakfast or lunch at Pallet Jacks and go to movies at their Nu Metro theatre for date night.

On top of all the reasons we love the centre – we have another reason and it is called My Little Picasso! This cute and colourful little kiddies art studio is amazing! I was super excited to take Maddie for a morning of painting when Cornubia Mall invited us to pop in and make the shop Maddie’s playground!

22 December S1

Walking into My Little Picasso, I immediately knew that Maddie was in for a fun filled morning of exploring her creativity and we’d walk out with a precious little masterpiece!

Over 30 beautiful variants of paints are on display for Maddie to choose from and is given an apron to protect her clothes. Once Maddie pointed our the stunning colours she’d like to paint with we head over to her work station.

Pink, purple, orange, lemon and blue are at her finger tips and she gets painting using a variety of brushes to choose from – and a new one is given to her each time she chose a new colour I may add!

Maddie was given a beautiful A4 boxed stretch canvas to work on and I could not believe the prices of this fun activity when looking at the price list.

Ranging from R120 to R160 depending on the size of canvas you chose and this includes a take home apron and an unlimited amount of non-toxic paint to choose from!

I was able to sit back, enjoy a cappuccino and watch Maddie paint away for a good 20 minutes before filling the entire area with colour. Best part is the amazing attentive staff who are at hand, call the kids by name, help them by encouraging them where to add paint and what colour to choose and they wash the kids hands and make sure they are clean when they are done painting. All while I sat back (and photographed of course!).

While Maddie’s painting was being dried by a hairdryer to ensure we’d leave with a dry piece of art for easy transportation Maddie enjoyed some play dough at their play dough station which is fully equipped with all sorts of fun cutters and tools. The play dough is R30 and the tub of original Play Dough is yours to take home.

There is also soft play for the kiddies to enjoy on top of the other fun activities offered such as bead art and sand art.

Best part was seeing Maddie hold up her beautiful masterpiece that I got to hang up in my kitchen!

Honestly the best R150 odd spent on a solid two hours of stimulation! I highly recommend taking your kids to enjoy a class of free style painting at My Little Picasso at Cornubia Mall! We will definitely be back!

So why not pop in and partake in Cornubia Mall‘s Playground Pass competition! Here’s how: 
You are invited to visit and experience some of the mall’s exciting offerings and stand a chance to win one of 10 Cornubia Mall Playground Passes valued at over R11 000, valid for a whole year!

Each pass gives you the chance to indulge at Noble Coffee, Afro’s Chicken Shop, Plan B Dessertery and Brooklyn Brothers, get active at Fives Futbol and Bounce, watch the latest movies at Nu Metro, let your little one’s creativity run wild at My Little Picasso and relax by having a manicure at Perfect 10. Sounds amazing right?

So how does it work? 
As if we aren’t spoilt for choice enough at Cornubia Mall when it comes to fun-filled activities for the whole family and the promotion aims at you experiencing just a portion of what the mall has to offer so entering is as easy as;

1. Visit one of the participating retailers – see Cornubia‘s Facebook page for all the details and look out for the hopscotch grids outside their stores.
2. Enjoy what the retailer has to offer.
3. Pose for a photo using the Cornubia Mall photo frame in the store.
4. Upload to our Facebook page – look for the pinned post at the top of the newsfeed, coment on that post by adding your picture and use the hashtag #CMPlayground to be eligible to win the prize.

The promotion ends on 13 January 2018 and when visiting selected retailers, you will have the chance to win this incredible year-long Playground Pass!

All the Ts & Cs as well as more details on the competition can be found at or visit their Facebook page at


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